September 10, 2008



5 out of the last 10 comments are coming from across the ocean. Don't doubt the size of your fan base. I am always showing of the blog to my co-workers, but I won't let them comment!

Heather Howell Davis

Love the pics. They really do grow up fast! The peanut in my belly is a GIRL! I am welcome to baby name suggestions. Take care. Allison, Crystal and I are going to Mr. MSU Fri night. Allison is preggers too. Take Care! Love H


Oh, I'm still here and always waiting for new pictures and stories of my Louisville boys! I know how busy you all are so I have suffered in silence...but soooo glad to have you back! I can't wait to see Collier and Kellen this weekend. I promised I would help carry Kellen around Mammoth Cave....but I may be having second thoughts after looking at these pictures! What are you feeding that boy??? I see teeth so I assume he is getting some fried chicken now! Thanks for the pics...keep them coming...pleeeeze! Love you all!!!

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