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September 06, 2006



Oh my gosh, too funny! I now realize why Caleb simply says 'nake for snake--he knows he would have to make a hilarious "funny face" to get the s out, and we would just torment him with repeating it 500 times a day. His latest imitation was "heyyyy, hoooo" while Daddy was watching BET--I think we better stick to Sesame Street!


I finally hooked up the speakers to our computer, so I was able to get the whole Collier experience. I am so glad I already booked my flight for februari, because I so need to come over and spend time with the boys!
Collier, you are too funny!
Love you!


Oh, one more thing...Collier please don't tell anyone that your speech therapist Gram taught you how to say "snake"!

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